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Non Medical Insurance

Life is uncertain and can sometimes be complicated. It’s a complex journey that defies prediction. We understand this, so we’d like to change the rules with guaranteed life insurance. It means you can get coverage without a medical exam or a complicated approval process.

Non-Medical Insurance can help bring you peace of mind knowing that you have helped to protect your family from the burden of final debts and expenses. It’s easy to get started. To begin, please tell us whether you are male or female and whether or not you smoke. So, no matter what your future looks like, we offer you a single, uncomplicated “Yes” to getting the life insurance you want No Medical Exam, No Worries.

We believe making the right decision should leave no regrets. If you are between 40 and 75 years of age and live in Canada, your acceptance is guaranteed and your coverage will never expire*. You can rest assured that, as long as your premiums are being paid, your life insurance policy will be permanently taken care of guaranteed!If you have a serious health issue, but have never applied for insurance, we can recommend — or determine — whether a non-medical or a traditional life insurance plan would be best. We often recommend applying for a simplified issue plan initially and then applying for traditional life insurance, once this is in place. If the traditional life insurance plan is approved, the insured can cancel their simplified issue plan. The reason this approach makes sense is, many simplified issue plans ask if the insured has been declined in the last two years.

No Medical Life Insurance is a type of life insurance that doesn’t require a doctor’s visit, medical report or medical exam. Individuals ages 20 to 70 can apply for ten year term, twenty year term or permanent plans. In case you’re concerned we might not have a plan suitable for you, we have created insurance packages to help protect you and your family even if:

  • You’ve been turned down before
  • You are hard to insure
  • You are a smoker
  • You are overweight
  • You are afraid of blood exams and needles

Please complete a short enquiry form to get a free, no obligations quote on No Medical Exam Life Insurance. The brokers we work with will search and compare life insurance policies from leading Canadian insurance providers for the best deals available. There is no charge for our services and you are under no obligation to accept the quotes you receive.

Two insurance without medical examination products are available:

  • Alternative, guaranteed acceptance life insurance for people age 6 months to 80 years, with insurance premiums payable for 20 years or to age 100. (Alternative life insurance can also be purchased as term coverage. The characteristics of the product are slightly different)
  • Perspective, insurance for people age 35 to 75, whose premiums are payable until age 100.

We are dedicated to help individuals just like you find the best suited life insurance products for your unique circumstances. Even if you have been denied coverage before for health issues, age, or other reasons we can still help you as our advisors have access to the largest network of top Canadian insurers.
Our service is free to use and you are under no obligations to accept the quotes you receive.We encourage you to give us a call today!

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