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Term Critical Illness

Term critical illness means the term we choose could be 10, 20 65 or 75 yrs coverage and there is 100% refund of premium on death and plan maturityaffordable, convertible and refund of premium at maturity.

100% return of premium means when the plan mature or the insured dies 100% premium will be refunded if there is no claim. Critical illness insurance pays a benefit in the event you are diagnosed with a covered critical illness. This insurance helps take care of your finances so you can focus on what’s most important – your recovery after a heart attack, stroke, life-threatening cancer or coronary artery bypass surgery. A life-threatening illness can be life changing in so many ways. Even though most Canadians are covered by provincial health care plans, illnesses that threaten your life can also threaten your finances in ways these public health plans don’t address.

Keep your personal finances on track

A critical illness may means that you maywill be unable to work for several weeks or months. Your spouse may need to take a leave of absence to be at your side, and your personal finances could suffer a serious blow. Critical illness insurance pays the benefit amount you have chosen, up to $100,000, so you can make your health the priority it needs to be.

Use your critical illness benefit for whatever you need

You can use your benefit to pay for medical care outside of the country, for in-home nursing care or housekeeping, or for anything else you want. There are no restrictions regarding what you choose to do with the money.

Popular features

  • You choose a benefit amount from $25,000 to $100,000
  • You can do whatever you wish with the money
  • You are covered for 4 core conditions – cancer, heart attack, stroke, and coronary bypass surgery
  • No medical exam is required to get coverage for the 4 core conditions – answering 5 simple questions is usually all that’s needed
  • You have access to the Best Doctors global network of medical specialists. You can get an expert second opinion about surgery or a serious medical diagnosis, find a specialist, or get help understanding your condition and navigating the healthcare system.

With critical illness insurance, the benefit amount is paid to the policyholder if diagnosed with a critical illness. So if you have a spouse, consider purchasing critical illness insurance for them too.

Single Coverage

Having critical illness insurance is important for single adults, not just families, and couples, and single adults. Being diagnosed with a critical illness often means that you suddenly need help with the everyday tasks you’re used to doing yourself, especially if you live alone. Critical illness insurance can help you pay for the assistance you need.

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